To provide our customers with the essential tools and reliable background information designed to protect their goal of selecting qualified tenants or hiring and retaining honest, dependable, trustworthy employees, while demonstrating truthfulness and fairness using ethical and moral codes of conduct with each other, our customers, our suppliers, and each consumer we investigate.

Invest your company's money wisely
At one time “low price” and “value” meant the same thing. But today, value is no longer viewed as simply the lowest price. Instead it represents a balance of price, quality and service.

  Protecting American Business for over 15 years  

Our goal is to establish an open and honest relationship with our partner before ever running a background check. We work with you to assess your needs, desires and ultimate goals, while at the same time, we strive to educate you on the do’s and don’ts of screening your applicants. This long-term steadfastness, establishes a bond built on trust and integrity. Only after this relationship is created, can NAPS succeed in helping protect its customers.

“When a customer contacts us, no matter how large or small, they are our number one customer at that time”
"Our success is measured by our customer's success
and satisfaction"
We understand the significant role the screening process plays in an organization’s security program. That is why we are committed to the challenge of providing you with both reliability and accuracy in one package.

LEGAL NOTICE: NAPS is not acting as legal counsel and cannot provide legal advice. Customers should recognize the importance of working with counsel to develop an employment/tenant screening program specific to their needs. NAPS encourages its customers to work with their legal counsel to ensure that client’s policies and procedures related to the use of CRA-provided information are in compliance with applicable state and federal laws.

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