The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires “End Users” to include a copy of the consumer’s Summary of Rights with all communications to those, who are subject’s of consumer or investigative consumer reports.  Click on the below links for more information on the FCRA, Obligations of Users or to obtain a copy of the Consumer’s FTC Summary of Rights document.

FCRA Compliance

Fair Credit Reporting Act  |  Consumer’s FTC Summary of Rights   |  Obligations of Users Under the FCRA
The following forms may be downloaded for your use. NOTE: The forms and notices below are for informational purposes only and you are hereby notified to consult with your own legal counsel* for appropriate use of the information provided. Be sure you understand your responsibilities when using the “Consumer Report” authorization verses the “Investigative Consumer Report” authorization.
Applicant Authorization & Disclosure Forms*
Consumer Report
Investigative Consumer Report
Tenant Screening
Summary of Consumer Rights
Applicant Request for Disclosure/Dispute Form

California Applicant Forms*
Authorization & Disclosure (for CA Applicants)
Summary of Consumer Rights (For CA Applicants)

Pre-Adverse Action Notices*
Employment Pre-Adverse Action Notice

Adverse Action Notices*
Employment Adverse Action Notice
Tenant Screening Adverse Action Notice

Motor Vehicle Driving Records*
Alaska MVR Authorization
New Hampshire MVR Authorization
Pennsylvania MVR Affidavit
Washington MVR Employer Attestation

E-Verify & I-9 Form Set Up
Registration Form & User Agreement
Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) - Sample
Summary of Employer MOU Responsibilities
E-Verify Participation Poster - English | Spanish
Right to Work Poster - English | Spanish

Account Forms (NOTE: Access Key Required*)
Account Set Up Forms
End User Application/Agreement
End User Agreement Exhibits
Employee Responsibility Form
MVR Compliance Access Agreement

Additional Forms (NOTE: Access Key Required*)
Background Verification Order Form
Drug Screen Authorization Form
Sample/Mock Policies
Business Owner's Background Check Guide

*Call NAPS customer service for access key: 866-425-9671.

We have attempted to provide forms for the most common situations regarding background checks. The language used in all of the above notices is for informational use only and may be altered to fit your particular situation*. If you find your needs are not met by any of the above forms, please call our office and we will be happy to work with you to develop one suitable to your company’s permissible purpose.

*Please consult with your legal counsel for the methods and terminology, which best fits your business operation and compliance protocols.

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